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11. Are you listening to music right now?

  • Yep! (Believe by AA (how predictable))

Blog: 9/10 

No more please <3

coldwolfs: 10, 15, 31 :)

10. are you good at hiding your feelings? 

  • Yeah kind of!

15. personality description 

  • I’m so sarcastic but really badly so people can’t tell if I’m joking sometimes which gets really awkward. I either keep everything about myself to myself, or tell someone each and every thing; there’s no in between. I’ve been told I’m a smartass on more than one occasion so I guess there’s that. I’d also like to think I’m nice?? Relatively??

31. 3 random facts 

  • I should be doing my summer hw rn
  • I’ve been obsessively watching Tyler Oakley’s videos since yesterday
  • I started watching The Mist two days ago and I never finished oops

Blog: 10/10 I love your blog so so much omg

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voeid: 1-10 xx.

I’ve answered all the evens :)

1. Selfie

  • Answered (I’ll post one tmr) c:

3. do you miss anyone? 

5. is there anyone who can always make you smile? 

  • Caroline and my friend Madeleine

7. what was your life like last year? 

  • Long story short, better than it is now

9. who did you last see in person? 

  • Madeleine!

Blog: 9/10 +follow

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cleopatro: evens that you haven't done yet :)

Omg it’s so damn long so I’m answering under a cut (:

Blog: 9/10 

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timeiord: 1, 24, 59

1. Selfie

  • I’ll post one tomorrow :)

24. Height 

  • I’m 5’7”

59. Why I joined tumblr 

  • *whispers* one direction

Blog: 8/10 

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vanegogh: 33, 34, 35 c:

33. Something you want to learn

  • French! I’m actually learning it on duolingo rn

34. Most embarrassing moment

  • Omg I hate talking about this, but one time in year 6, everyone in my class found out about who I liked and it was in the most awkward way (I was in the room and some guy went around whispering it to everyone while smirking at me basically) I s2g it was 20x worse than it sounds.

35. Favourite subject

  • Math c:

Blog: 20/10 you know you’re rad

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1. Selfie

  • I’ll post one tmr c:

12. What is something you want right now?

  • Frankly, I kinda want school to start?

Blog: 7/10

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nyhmphadora: 25, 26, 29, 30 :)

25. Role model

  • Jess Bowen and Jen Ledger!

26. Idol(s)

  • Dave Grohl

29. Favourite film(s)

  • The Internship, The Avengers, and The Hunger Games

30. Favourite tv show(s)

  • Doctor Who mainly and like 50 others

Blog: 8/10

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